AR for manufacturing

What is augmented reality for manufacturing?

Augmented reality is a highly visual, interactive method of presenting relevant digital information in the context of the physical environment—connecting employees and improving business outcomes.

Augmented reality for manufacturing offers a better way to communicate and deliver easily consumable work instructions by overlaying digital content onto real-world equipment.

industrial manufacturing augmented reality

Manufacturing app example

By consolidating a manufacturing training procedure into an application(app) increases workforce efficiency and safety, improving operational performance, and lowering costs across the factory.

manufacturing augmented reality

Each machine on the factory floor can be identified via an augmented reality image identification sticker. A menu is presented with options such as operating instructions, maintenance procedures and troubleshooting. The user selects an option to navigate to the selected page to view information or to follow instructions.

Training procedures

By consolidating manufacturing training procedures into an application(app) increases workforce efficiency and safety, improving operational performance and lowering costs across the factory. Modernized training methods with augmented reality help with training costs and improvement in new hire productivity. Accurate 3D models can be produced to allow staff to become familiarized with the equipment before operating. The user can navigate around the equipment to identify different parts of the machine.

Machine augmented reality for manufacturing
manufacturing ar machine
AR manufacturing 3D model
Augmented reality for manufacturing

Once the user has become confident with all the various parts of the machine, procedures can be viewed using augmented reality. In this example, the users iPad detects the AR image identification sticker and overlays instructions for start-up.

industrial manufacturing augmented reality

Maintenance procedures

manufacturing factory augmented reality

Augmented work procedures can be displayed to resolve problems faster by following a set of instructions. Custom videos can also be accessed via the augmented reality overlay.

Machine parts can be correctly identified by augmented reality to avoid confusion. Incorrect identification of critical parts can lead to a breakdown of equipment affecting overall efficiency and performance.

industrial manufacturing augmented reality

Maintenance schedules, Warranty details & Troubleshooting

A log can be saved within the application displaying maintenance schedules for the equipment. This log can be accessed via the machines app menu and could be uploaded to an external database. Warranty details can be saved per machine, saving you time hunting down paperwork and a troubleshooting guide can be included for the machine when problems arise.

Machine Visualization

A 1:1 scale model of a new or existing machine can be modelled for visualization. This option will allow you to place a full-scale replica into the workplace before installation. Rotate, position and select the correct location for the equipment.

3D model
augmented reality 3D model
AR model

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